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The Wheel | Thor & Loki

I was fortunate enough to be paired with my friend Mel for marvel_bang I made a trailer based on her story The Wheel which you can read here. There are other marvelous arts accompanied with it as well! So if you are interested in Thor/Loki I highly recommend you check it out! I don't think anyone would want a DL link but if you do let me know.
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HELP! RE: Codecs

+does anyone on my friends list know anything about computer codecs & sony vegas? See I had downloaded a MPEG Layer 3 codec (I was trying to fix an audio issue) BUT That didnt work and it ended up making all of my audio not avaliable when i brought it into sony vegas. I thought if i disable it, it would fix everything again but no dice. Any ideas or suggestions?
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character meme!

+Snagged from gigglemonster 
List ten twenty of your fandoms and post them here for everyone to guess your favorite character from each. Strike the show out when someone guesses correctly, and put the answer and who guessed it.

1. Supernatural → Dean&Sam [rockingmyfaith]
2. The Vampire Diaries → Damon & Stefan [rockingmyfaith]
3. Sons of Anarchy → Jax [gigglemonster]
4. True Blood → Pam [rockingmyfaith]
5. Community → Abed
6. Big Bang Theory → Sheldon [gigglemonster]
7. Modern Family → Phil [rockingmyfaith]
8. Friday Night Lights → Tim [rockingmyfaith]
10. Misfits → Nathan [gigglemonster]
11. Pushing Daisies → Olive [rockingmyfaith]
12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer → Spike [rockingmyfaith & nvrbnkisst]
13. Merlin → Merlin [gigglemonster]
14. The Walking Dead
15. Inception → Eames [rockingmyfaith]
16. Leverage Hardison [morethanateam]
17. Glee → Puck [rockingmyfaith]
18. Will & Grace → Karen [gigglemonster]
19. Generation Kill → Ray [rockingmyfaith]
20. ParentHood